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Stella x

Hi "yall"
I'm Stella and I am here for all your needs....well almost all of them!
If you need anything or have comments or ideas just send me an email stella@bingostarsnetwork.com.
As always keep dabbing, keep spinning, keep winning!

Love Mimi x

Hi I'm Mimi,
You will see me popping in and out. I'm always here to help with owt so give me a shout. Have a promo idea? Drop me an email. For every idea I use I will give you £10 bingo bonus! tlmimi@bingostarsnetwork.com. Put ya feet up and grab a brew and lots and lots of good luck to you

Love Cappy X

Hi I'm Caprice but answer to anything.
I'm usually raiding the rooms or hanging about doing lucky dip games.
Don't forget to pop in and say hello during Team Bingo too!
If you need me, call me, no matter where you are, no matter how far!

Love Ani X

Hi my name is Aniston (Ani for short)
I love to slap and snip in my chat room, if you call the cg when it's not on, you will get a slap on the butt, and I will snip off a finger also, to use on my wind chimes that I sell on eBay. So come on over and see me muahahahaha

Love Channing X

Hy Name is Channing
Come and join me in the chat rooms for fun, chat and laughter. I live and breathe Man City. Some may say I'm fussy when it comes to food, I don't think so but I will let you decide. Good Luck and can't wait to see you in the rooms

xXx Daisy xXx

Hiya, I'm Daisy
Somehow I have gotten labelled as the naughty one! It's all good fun though. I'm a bit of a giggler and very much a teaser so no chat shift goes by without a few belly laughs. Catch me helping out in Teams as well, I do try not to cause havoc but I quite often (delightedly) fail at that!! See you in the rooms....

Love Diesel

Hi I'm Diesel
At weekends they call me Sindy! Come and play with me in the chat rooms. Let's have some fun. We are all nuts here. If you enjoy madness come and play!


Hi, I'm Diva
I'm also known as Disco Dave for weird reasons, I respond to many other random names too. I love UB40, and going to live concerts and enjoy time with my Millie, she's my huge German shepherd. Look for me in the chat rooms, if you are extra lucky I might even have a cuppa waiting for you

Garbo x

Hi I'm Garbo,
You'll never know what I'll do next, meow, purr, run across your head and possibly bring out the whips and chains. Expect the unexpected they say it's the quiet ones to watch out for!
See you there...

Love Glam x

Hi There I'm Glam
See you in the chat rooms for fun, game and lessons in the differences between the USA and UK. I have learnt so much about your sense of humour and weird and wonderful words. Next task is understanding soccer. (Yes I know its football) See you soon ...

Love Halle x

Hi I'm Halle
Can't sleep or just up early? Why not come and join me and the other early birds at 5am every morning in the Superstar room for some cheerful relaxed chat, chat games and a game of bingo or 3. See you soon

Love Jazzy x

Hi I'm Jazzy
Or fuzzy or even a snazzy. Come and join me in the chat rooms and don't forget to bring the blue smarties. Together we can have fun. Good luck and keep winning.

Toodles Kiss xx

Hey I'm Kisser!
I love Liverpool and Lasagne and anything pink! Always up for a chat and a laugh, so come find me in the rooms and say g'day!

Lub Smiley x

Hi I'm Miley (otherwise known as Smiley)
Come on in and join in the fun and games. Meet some players and make some friends. I look forward to seeing you in chat very soon. I may bake a cake or two but only if you are good. Best of luck u soon

Scar x

Hi I am Scarlett (Scar),
Join me in the Red Carpet every week morning for the java club madness. I'm a little crazy so don't be afraid...I won't bite. My aim daily is to make everyone smile, you may even get to giggle uncontrollably and perhaps need some tena ladies at the end of the day but you will know you had a good time!!

Xox sunny

Elloooooooos. I'm Sunset your sunny Bingo Hollywood Host.
Sunny by name and Sunny by nature! Come into the rooms and join me for banter and giggles. Don't forget to bring me some custard tarts as they're me fave! Hope to see you soon!

Love Vamps!

Hiya. Vampy here AKA Batty.
Everyone knows how I love to get my bats out in the room. So come and hang out about with us.

Ricky x

Greetings all,
Ricky Ricardo here, your VIP concierge. Let me know if you need anything and I'll try to get back to you as soon as I come inside from romping around the globe xx